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Regenerate Acupuncture: Michael Wiltse has been a student of Chinese Medicine for 5 years with over 1000 hours of hands on clinical experience. As a graduate of Tristate College of Acupuncture in New York City, he has had the opportunity to study and intern with some of the most influential scholars and teachers of Chinese Medicine. Michael has had the privilege of being a student of Kiko Matsumoto and Thea Elijah. Currently, Michael is entering his 4th year as a Protégé of Lorie Dechar in her 5 Element Acupuncture Mentorship.  


Michael’s interest in the body as a place of healing started when he learned meditation more than a decade ago.  Like all things in life, what we focus our mind on grows.  The discovery of his own body-mind-spirit connection was the catalyst for Michael’s journey into body based and natural modalities of healing.

About Our Practice

Michael’s practice is located at a beautiful, recently opened medical treatment office at 115 Broadway, Suite 1800.  A concierge service of in-home treatments may also be scheduled online.

Regenerate Acupuncture

“I was in intense back pain and my doctor could not see me for 2 days.  My husband recommended I call Michael and he accommodated me with an in-home visit in just a few hours.  I was afraid of the needles but they did not hurt and I received immediate pain relief.   After just a few treatments the pain was completely gone.  I have continued to see Michael regularly for stress and the results have been amazing.”

Daniel Monslave Ruiz

Daniel Monslave Ruiz


Meet the Acupuncturist

Michael Wiltse L.Ac.

Michael Wiltse, L.Ac.

Thank you for visiting my webpage and considering my practice.  You can book an appointment by pressing the button below.  If you are interested in paying with insurance, visit my insurance page first to pre-qualify.

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